Whale Watching

Over 12000 whales migrate North/South seasonally, from May to November, past the Port Stephens Coast. Port Stephens is one of the premier Whale Watching destinations on the East Coast.

Migrating Humpback Whales pass very close to the coastline of A BreachPort Stephens making it the perfect destination for shore-based viewing as well as intimate viewings on a cruise with one of the local operators - Imagine, Moonshadow, or Tamboi Queen.

Humpback Whales can weigh up to sixty tonnes, are on average longer than a school bus, and have a tail that wouldn't fit in your living room. Humpbacks are acrobatic animals, and they jump or breach out of the water, tail slap, and fin slap.

Easily accessible and free shore-based viewing spots include: Tomaree Head, the Lighthouse, Big Rocky in Tomaree National Park, Boat Harbour, and Kingsley Beach. Get directions, maps, and the Whale Watch Reports from Samurai Beach Backpacker Staff.

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