Stockton Beach

35 km long this beach will blow your mind...with so much happening on this piece of paradise but so much space to have isolation.

Stockton Beach is a popular tourist destination.  It stretches from Stockton at the southern end to Anna Bay at the northern end.  In some areas it is approximately 3km wide and has sand dunes over 50 metres. The wind blown dunes of Stockton Beach are the largest continuous mobile sand mass in New South Wales.  

Various points on the beach are referred to Birubi Beach, Morna point and also Anna Bay Beach. Maybe Stockton Beach should be called "Action beach" as there are endless amounts of activities running on this beach including, surfing, 4w driving, Quad biking, Horse riding, Camel riding, fishing, Sand boarding, phew tied yet.

At Birubi Point is the surf club and cafe and the starting point for all the tours and activities that run thereSygna

If you are taking a four wheel drive onto the beach it is a requirement that you purchase a Worimi Conservation Lands Beach Vehicle Permit. Or you can join in one of the many adventures on the dunes

The area is a popular recreational four wheel driving, tourist and fishing destination.  The wreck of the ship 'Sygna' is a well photographed landmark. Over many years Stockton Bight has become the site of numerous wrecks but made most famous by the ‘Sygna’ a Norweigan bulk carrier weighing 53, 000 tonnes that ran aground during a major storm on May 26 1974.  On a clear day the ship can be visible from both ends of the beach.

The vast expanse of sand dunes has been the setting for many feature films, advertisements and still photography opportunities.

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